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1000 Bottles of Beer On the Wall (make that cans)

“The pub is an institution unique to England, and there is nothing more English. It is not an American bar, darkened still by the long shadow of Prohibition; not a Bavarian beerhall full of swaying and noise. The pub is neutral ground. The Englishman is jealous of his home. It is, after all, proverbially his castle. But castles are not always comfortable. Nor are they places to entertain an enemy, or even acquaintances of questionable loyalties. A pub is not a home, but it is a house – a public house. The reticent Englishman can invite an acquaintance for a drink in a pub without any risk that the style of his home-life will become frontal. Nor will there be any problems getting rid of tiresome guests – the person who issued the invitation in the first place is at liberty to excuse himself when he wishes, providing it is not his turn to buy a round of drinks. The public house is an institution which will not compromise the Englishman’s courtesy, nor will it cramp his individualistic wish to go as he pleases.”

– From the “English Pub” by Michael Jackson
(note from the establishment: The same principles apply on our side of the Atlantic – even to the brink of the Pacific.)

How does a collection begin? Especially one that grows to contain over 2,000. Cameron Palmer moved to Cincinatti at the age of 10 and his first new friends were “into beer cans”. Drinking the contents was out of the question, they merely stalked for empties.
The friends dropped their interest, but Cameron pursued the quest. His parents traveled, as did many of their friends, all with one request: bring back beer cans. Within six months, the collection had grown to about 200, enough to form a pyramid on his bedroom wall.

Years passed and the serious collector was into doubles to allow for trading. The parents gained new respect for the pursuit after perusing the beer can collector’s bible. Those old empty cans apparently had some stated value after all, besides bringing a smile to their son’s face.

Cameron's Pub
With marriage, the collection came to the newlyweds’ first apartment. The bride stood firm against lining the living room wall with beer cans. Cameron bargained, pleading for at least two bedroom walls. The family backed the bride and the cans got boxed, but never forgotten. Even in exile the collection grew.

A few shelves are still empty to accommodate new contributions. Cameron invites anyone with an interesting can to stop by to see if it’s unique to the collection, if so, he’ll “store” your can for you for all to enjoy.

Ask the bartender for your own card to learn the alphabet of beers. We feature 19 draught beers and over 60 plus bottled beers starting with each letter of the alphabet, so by the time you have punched out each letter, you will have tasted 26 different varieties. AND… you also will have earned an authentic, specially designed Cameron’s shirt. Complete 5 cards for a free overnight at the B&B. Don’t stop now. Twenty completed cards get you a free trip to Disneyland on us. You can carry your card with you or have us store it here for you. A, B, C, D…
How British is this place anyway? Fair question. You are reading this in Cameron’s, son of Alan, who hails from Newcastle, near the Scottish border, who happened to marry a Californian named Adora. Cameron and siblings, Kevin and Kendra were taken many times to visit their roots, and the dream of a Coastside pub was born. The Inn is constantly changing as Cameron finds vintage items to add to his many collections. To get the whole story of this unique pub, check out the book written by Cameron and his Mum: “Cameron’s Inn”. Be sure to get it autographed before leaving.

Want to spend some true pub time? Ask at the bar for electronic buzz time play maker, darts, dice, dominoes, cribbage board, backgammon. The back game room has an authentic shuffle board, the only one on the Half Moon Bay coastside. Remember, pubs are for leisurely lingering, so relax and play some games.

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