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Welcome Home!

"Albany has always loved to eat and drink and enjoy food as their only desire." -- Robert Lansing
While not the only desire today, a love of great food and drink still factors into our daily lives.
From our homemade bacon to our freshly roasted Turkey, Roast Beef, Corned Beef, Pastrami, (did we mention BACON?) to our unique soups and salads, it is our goal to provide you with a lunch unique to us and to Albany. If nothing else, come in for the bacon!

Our menu

A wide variety of homemade meat selections! Choose a build your own style or one of our specialty sandwiches. We offer soups, salads, potato chips and cookies to pair with your meal.
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Daily Specials

A revolving choice of sandwiches that are freshly prepared hot or cold.

We love food and we love our home, Albany... we are sure you'll love us too.
So come to our "home" for a great lunch, a great experience, and a friendly smile! Come be a part of our family!

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Cobblestone Lunch Shoppe- how an idea came to be...

Over 40 years ago, brothers Ed & Chris Richards were little league players on the Swarthmore, PA Yankees. Their coach's parents owned a small restaurant in town. One day, as the "star" players on the team (Ed was the pitcher and Chris was the catcher), they were treated to a pre game lunch in the restaurant. After this lunch, they instantly developed a passion for food and were hooked on the dream of going into the restaurant business together and so, the conversation and began. Ed & Chris Richards were born in Albany. Even while growing up in Pennsylvania and Metro New York, Albany was always considered home.
As life happens, Ed came back to the area in 1987 to attend Siena College (his father's alma mater) and never left. Embarking on a successful career in sales and marketing that spanned almost 30 years, Ed lead multi-million dollar commercial organizations primarily in the healthcare industry. However, he never lost his passion for food or the food service business. As a hobby, Ed began competing in BBQ competitions and eventually ran a successful BBQ food truck- Lucky Eddie's BBQ. He also never lost sight of the dream that was hatched that day as a ten-year old.
Chris decided to pursue his passion for food and graduated from Johnson & Wales University's Culinary School. Earning the prestigious designation as a Cordon Bleu chef, Chris honed his skills with some of the finest food service organizations in the country including: The New York Athletic Club, Bessemer Trust, FLIK International, Restaurant Associates, and Marriott Marco Island. Residing in Metro New York, Chris decided to come "home" thirteen years ago. Since coming home, he has run successful catering and restaurant operations (including his latest stint at Genoa Importing in Loudonville) where he built a food program known for quality and flavor loved by all. Chris too, however, never lost sight of that forty-year old dream.

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Sharing our home with you

Combining years of experience, a passion for BBQ, a love of food (especially lunch) and a forty-year old dream, the Richards brothers decided it was time to share our passions with Albany... the place we always considered HOME. We decided to open The Cobblestone Lunch Shoppe which is more than just a store to us. To us, to our team, this is really our second home. So when we say our food is homemade, we mean it. Just as we consider our team as family, we hope to build a bigger, extended, family by sharing our lunch with you.
From our homemade bacon (we cure and smoke our bacon using our own unique cure and smoke process), our freshly cured ham, our homemade corned beef and pastrami, our freshly roasted turkey and roast beef to our specially prepared soups, salads, and hot meals, everything we make is unique to us and designed to satisfy everyone's desire for a "proper" lunch.